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War Lock Two Barrel Upgrade Kit - FSBarrel Adapter Assembly Free Float - Small MI

War Lock Two Barrel Upgrade Kit – FS


Imagine….one rifle for most calibers!

The War Lock™ transforms your AR platform into the Multiple Caliber System. The AR platform can fire over 90 calibers in its stock configuration. With the War Lock™, the operator can select different calibers without the need for dedicated upper receivers for each barrel assembly.  Transition between your shooting options with ease. The safe and reliable multiple caliber AR-15 solution to your selective shooting style.

War Lock™ Highlights:

Fast caliber changes – New storage capabilities – Easier to transport – More effective access for cleaning – Intuitive accessory combinations – Quick assembly and disassembly – Durable materials for lifetime use – Ergonomic design – Modular system

NOTE: Our products are made to order! Due to the launch popularity of our flagship product, please allow up to 30 days for your order to be delivered.